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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Finding Inspiration Online

Contrary to the popular belief, social networks are not a waste of time. As a matter of fact they can be the endless source of tireless inspiration and might just give you back that zest for doing what you do in real life, that you might have misplaced in the cramped familiarity of everyday boredom.

Someone online asked me to write more & here I am. I'm amazed at how the encouraging words from a stranger worked wonders, when a family member's attempts at the same, might have been viewed by me as irritable nagging. 

One of the songs I wrote titled 'You Are Not Alone' was written when someone asked me to write a song on hope & courage in really bad times. Till someone didn't ask me to do it, I was just sitting on my lazy ass doing some other shit. As soon as someone asked me to do it - I snapped into action & now that song has a whole lot of listens & got me some paid production work as well. Did you see wt just happened?!

You could have moments of inspiration that snap you into real life action too. All you need to do is ask people you respect on your Twitter or Facebook friendlist, wt they think you should be doing on a certain aspect of your life or wt would be a better option for you in their opinion regarding something that concerns you immediately. 

Another person's perspective can be insightful & might throw new light on an old problem and make you view things differently. 

The human being is a mysterious creature but maybe all that mystery can be unravelled when your thoughts meet mine. Maybe? Let's see. 

Thanks for reading this piece but if you want to have fun with it, lets talk about your opinions on the same. I would love to hear your similar experiences and get to know your side of the story as well. Im on Twitter, FB or just email me at 

Have a great day ahead of you. 

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