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Monday, December 1, 2014

Haters Gone Hate

Some wannabe rapper kid on my Facebook started a comment trail about how he is all that & them some & very quickly started talking hateristic shit. He had a fake name, no real photos of himself & no links that one could listen to. On top of it he had a bad attitude. Bonafide troll you would assume, but I like to give people a few chances before I block their ass off my social feeds.

On the contrary I met another kid at NH7 Weekender Music Festival. A wannabe rocker this one. A student of one of the best drummers in New Delhi. Met him at the jam booth which encouraged musicians to jam for 15mins each. He was on the drums & I was on the bass. Very respectful and he took my number down. Wants to meet me and do some music together. Extremely technical and surprisingly good for his age. Felt so good meeting someone like that and he is not even out of school yet.

Two very different kids. One has taken lessons and is obviously serious about his passion. The other wastes away in negative ignorance. Im trying really hard not to be judgemental here. But let's stick to facts for a moment. 

My point is this. Everyone starts off somewhere & it doesn't really matter where you start. We all climb ladders and we all have a long way to go. Some of us have been doing wt we do for much longer & some of us are beginners. 

It would do you all a lot of good if you chose your mentors carefully and got some sort of training or learning going. Also, be aware of your ignorance and don't try to out mouth ppl who are way more experienced than you are. That's like burning your bridges before you even got to one. You never know when and where someone might be able to help you get closer to your goals. 

May all your dreams come true and may each & everyone of you always pursue your aspirations, correctly.

Thanks for reading this little written piece. In case you wanna have more fun with it do let me know your similar experiences and stories in the comments. Or email me at! Have a nice day. 


  1. sharp! The path you really select decides your future!
    :) keep on blogging! loved it!