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Thursday, December 4, 2014

INSPIRIA: An Epidemic Bigger Than Ebola

Sitting on a couch going through a million social networking posts hitting that like button every once in a while? Is that your comfort zone? I don't know wt your comfort zone is, but I'm here today to tell you that there is a disease a lot of people these days are suffering from. 

It's called 'Inspiria'. Well ok. I just came up with that word. It basically describes a huge segment of an entire generation that's absolutely fine just liking cool sounding Tweets on Twitter, great looking videos on YouTube and the photos of people they have on their FB friend list including random so called internet celebrities they follow online. 

Seeing the world pass them by taking on the role of comfortable voyeurs for whom the cycle of getting inspired 78 times a day through internet connected devices is complete in itself. They don't feel the necessity to take any action or do anything with that inspiration.

I am here to let you know that you are setting your life on fire with your very own hands. Time is the stuff life is made of & its actions not ideas alone that will make your life memorable & worth living. 

If the Internet is not aiding your real life in any direct, constructive or real way - none of it is worth it. All the people you follow around the world on Social Networks don't give a fuck about you or wt matters to you life right now. They are tripping in their lives and having a blast! And that's exactly wt you should be doing as well. 

I'm really blessed with a social network that helps my music production, my radio shows, my voice over work & now also my bass playing. I am a part of two bands right now who I met through Facebook. I met someone on FB from whom I'll be taking bass lessons in a few weeks and there are so many people I've met thanks to my Instagram connects. My social networks are aiding my real life goals which is why I still think of them as worth my extremely precious time. 

Use these social networks to serve you and your real life and don't let them turn you into a cauliflower head. 

Hope you liked reading this written piece. If you did do come back for more in a few days. Peace. 

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