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Monday, December 8, 2014

Smart Phone Predictions for 2015, India

The debate is an old one and Ive been known to be an Apple Loyalist all my life.

Apple Loyalist I am. iPhone Loyalist - not so much now.

I remember the days when I used to obsess with the iPhone and was so passionate about everything iPhone. I believe it was very much a passion that was synonymous with a time when the iPhone represented innovation which was very much needed at that particular time of our lives.

The cleanliness, swiftness and accuracy. The fact that the phone almost never hung. It's amazing platform for apps and of course the Podcasts and content that came with all iPhones made me personally fall completely in love with the device.

Project Ara is Google’s attempt to reinvent the cellphone as we know it.

Now investing half a lakh rupees into a product that hasn't made that kind of a ground breaking change in my life doesn't seem worth my money or my effort.

Things do change. And the only change that's been grabbing my eyeballs has been the MAD HOT innovations to many of these upcoming Chinese brands have been making. They are pushing the benchmarks as far as hardware is concerned and reducing the price to a more mass segment making great quality devices affordable. To me THAT is where the innovation now lies and that is what will bring about the change in the tech landscape as far as India is concerned in 2015.

Xiaomi Redme 1S: 4.7-inch 720p HD IPS display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, 8GB of internal storage and Android 4.3 with MIUI v5. The phone is packed with 2000 mAH battery. Priced at 5999 Rupees.
Xiaomi's brilliant marketing strategies of releasing phones through a registration process on Flipkart have gotten people wondering how something as affordable, capable and amazing looking can be sold at a quarter of the price everyone else seems to be selling the same spec phones for. These phones are not just an affordable solution but also a rare prize to own as getting one is not just a matter of choice but also luck!

Apple has been following the Android way by making phones bigger and making older phones more affordable so that more people opt for their phones but that's all that they have been doing. Catching up. In technology that is what losers do. Apple should have stuck to it's beliefs, but then Apple in itself never really had any beliefs. All the beliefs belonged to Jobs and he is in heaven now.

"There was never an Apple, there was only Steve, and now he has left us." Ashish Ddavidd.

So with all due respect to Apple and the wonderful work they have done is the past, I now officially am off the iPhone trip. Yes. I will contradict myself and tell you that I am using an iPhone right now. I promised myself that I would use the iPhone 5 for at least two years. Two years complete in April 2015 after which I shall see what needs to be done. In all probability I will go in for the best most innovative phone that will be around at that point of time. Will it be another iPhone?

Probably not.

If you liked reading this piece of written word, do come back for more in a few days.
God Bless.

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