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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Do You Really Want

It's unfair to say that only women are confused people. As a matter of fact its downright wrong. Everyone is confused these days. Confused about what? Well. Confused about everything!

From picking up the right career, to picking up the right lovers, to making correct decisions regarding jobs and major life changing decisions, everyone is completely confused. It's most definitely not just the women.

Connectivity and the Internet perhaps might be the reason why everyone is listless about what they really want. Buy a shirt and then 3 days later see it on a 50% discount on another online shopping website and suddenly don't feel like wearing it anymore. You meet an interesting person and start dating her & a few weeks later you realize you have developed a liking for one of her friends you spotted in a few of her FB photos. Buy a car and a year down the line you see a YouTube ad about an updated version of the same car with sexier lights and better colours gets released and suddenly you realise you are stuck with this lemon that has now depreciated by over 50%.

People keep talking about losing weight and getting in shape for years but turns out their love for food and the occasional cheat meal, cheats them out of their goals & only one in a few dozen people actually reach their targets.

We also love the idea of doing a lot of things that might not even be possible for us to! Like a lot of people face this dilemma of picking between their passions and their jobs. Not everyone was lucky enough to be making a living out of their passions so somewhere down the line they decide to suddenly take up their hobbies, super seriously once again. They keep reconfirming and compensating for lost time by getting out of their comfort zones only to very quickly go back to the safety nets of their careers.

Sometimes we decieve others, mostly we just decieve ourselves. Its not bad, but it is what it is. No one's to judge anyone and no one's to be blamed. This is just one of those things that just is the way it is. No one really knows what it is that they want, even if they think they do.

The human race in is stuck deep inside omnipotent confusion. Now you know!

In case you loved reading this little written piece, do come back for more. Take Care! 

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