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Monday, December 8, 2014

Smart Phone Predictions for 2015, India

The debate is an old one and Ive been known to be an Apple Loyalist all my life.

Apple Loyalist I am. iPhone Loyalist - not so much now.

I remember the days when I used to obsess with the iPhone and was so passionate about everything iPhone. I believe it was very much a passion that was synonymous with a time when the iPhone represented innovation which was very much needed at that particular time of our lives.

The cleanliness, swiftness and accuracy. The fact that the phone almost never hung. It's amazing platform for apps and of course the Podcasts and content that came with all iPhones made me personally fall completely in love with the device.

Project Ara is Google’s attempt to reinvent the cellphone as we know it.

Now investing half a lakh rupees into a product that hasn't made that kind of a ground breaking change in my life doesn't seem worth my money or my effort.

Things do change. And the only change that's been grabbing my eyeballs has been the MAD HOT innovations to many of these upcoming Chinese brands have been making. They are pushing the benchmarks as far as hardware is concerned and reducing the price to a more mass segment making great quality devices affordable. To me THAT is where the innovation now lies and that is what will bring about the change in the tech landscape as far as India is concerned in 2015.

Xiaomi Redme 1S: 4.7-inch 720p HD IPS display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, 8GB of internal storage and Android 4.3 with MIUI v5. The phone is packed with 2000 mAH battery. Priced at 5999 Rupees.
Xiaomi's brilliant marketing strategies of releasing phones through a registration process on Flipkart have gotten people wondering how something as affordable, capable and amazing looking can be sold at a quarter of the price everyone else seems to be selling the same spec phones for. These phones are not just an affordable solution but also a rare prize to own as getting one is not just a matter of choice but also luck!

Apple has been following the Android way by making phones bigger and making older phones more affordable so that more people opt for their phones but that's all that they have been doing. Catching up. In technology that is what losers do. Apple should have stuck to it's beliefs, but then Apple in itself never really had any beliefs. All the beliefs belonged to Jobs and he is in heaven now.

"There was never an Apple, there was only Steve, and now he has left us." Ashish Ddavidd.

So with all due respect to Apple and the wonderful work they have done is the past, I now officially am off the iPhone trip. Yes. I will contradict myself and tell you that I am using an iPhone right now. I promised myself that I would use the iPhone 5 for at least two years. Two years complete in April 2015 after which I shall see what needs to be done. In all probability I will go in for the best most innovative phone that will be around at that point of time. Will it be another iPhone?

Probably not.

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God Bless.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

INSPIRIA: An Epidemic Bigger Than Ebola

Sitting on a couch going through a million social networking posts hitting that like button every once in a while? Is that your comfort zone? I don't know wt your comfort zone is, but I'm here today to tell you that there is a disease a lot of people these days are suffering from. 

It's called 'Inspiria'. Well ok. I just came up with that word. It basically describes a huge segment of an entire generation that's absolutely fine just liking cool sounding Tweets on Twitter, great looking videos on YouTube and the photos of people they have on their FB friend list including random so called internet celebrities they follow online. 

Seeing the world pass them by taking on the role of comfortable voyeurs for whom the cycle of getting inspired 78 times a day through internet connected devices is complete in itself. They don't feel the necessity to take any action or do anything with that inspiration.

I am here to let you know that you are setting your life on fire with your very own hands. Time is the stuff life is made of & its actions not ideas alone that will make your life memorable & worth living. 

If the Internet is not aiding your real life in any direct, constructive or real way - none of it is worth it. All the people you follow around the world on Social Networks don't give a fuck about you or wt matters to you life right now. They are tripping in their lives and having a blast! And that's exactly wt you should be doing as well. 

I'm really blessed with a social network that helps my music production, my radio shows, my voice over work & now also my bass playing. I am a part of two bands right now who I met through Facebook. I met someone on FB from whom I'll be taking bass lessons in a few weeks and there are so many people I've met thanks to my Instagram connects. My social networks are aiding my real life goals which is why I still think of them as worth my extremely precious time. 

Use these social networks to serve you and your real life and don't let them turn you into a cauliflower head. 

Hope you liked reading this written piece. If you did do come back for more in a few days. Peace. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Do You Really Want

It's unfair to say that only women are confused people. As a matter of fact its downright wrong. Everyone is confused these days. Confused about what? Well. Confused about everything!

From picking up the right career, to picking up the right lovers, to making correct decisions regarding jobs and major life changing decisions, everyone is completely confused. It's most definitely not just the women.

Connectivity and the Internet perhaps might be the reason why everyone is listless about what they really want. Buy a shirt and then 3 days later see it on a 50% discount on another online shopping website and suddenly don't feel like wearing it anymore. You meet an interesting person and start dating her & a few weeks later you realize you have developed a liking for one of her friends you spotted in a few of her FB photos. Buy a car and a year down the line you see a YouTube ad about an updated version of the same car with sexier lights and better colours gets released and suddenly you realise you are stuck with this lemon that has now depreciated by over 50%.

People keep talking about losing weight and getting in shape for years but turns out their love for food and the occasional cheat meal, cheats them out of their goals & only one in a few dozen people actually reach their targets.

We also love the idea of doing a lot of things that might not even be possible for us to! Like a lot of people face this dilemma of picking between their passions and their jobs. Not everyone was lucky enough to be making a living out of their passions so somewhere down the line they decide to suddenly take up their hobbies, super seriously once again. They keep reconfirming and compensating for lost time by getting out of their comfort zones only to very quickly go back to the safety nets of their careers.

Sometimes we decieve others, mostly we just decieve ourselves. Its not bad, but it is what it is. No one's to judge anyone and no one's to be blamed. This is just one of those things that just is the way it is. No one really knows what it is that they want, even if they think they do.

The human race in is stuck deep inside omnipotent confusion. Now you know!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Haters Gone Hate

Some wannabe rapper kid on my Facebook started a comment trail about how he is all that & them some & very quickly started talking hateristic shit. He had a fake name, no real photos of himself & no links that one could listen to. On top of it he had a bad attitude. Bonafide troll you would assume, but I like to give people a few chances before I block their ass off my social feeds.

On the contrary I met another kid at NH7 Weekender Music Festival. A wannabe rocker this one. A student of one of the best drummers in New Delhi. Met him at the jam booth which encouraged musicians to jam for 15mins each. He was on the drums & I was on the bass. Very respectful and he took my number down. Wants to meet me and do some music together. Extremely technical and surprisingly good for his age. Felt so good meeting someone like that and he is not even out of school yet.

Two very different kids. One has taken lessons and is obviously serious about his passion. The other wastes away in negative ignorance. Im trying really hard not to be judgemental here. But let's stick to facts for a moment. 

My point is this. Everyone starts off somewhere & it doesn't really matter where you start. We all climb ladders and we all have a long way to go. Some of us have been doing wt we do for much longer & some of us are beginners. 

It would do you all a lot of good if you chose your mentors carefully and got some sort of training or learning going. Also, be aware of your ignorance and don't try to out mouth ppl who are way more experienced than you are. That's like burning your bridges before you even got to one. You never know when and where someone might be able to help you get closer to your goals. 

May all your dreams come true and may each & everyone of you always pursue your aspirations, correctly.

Thanks for reading this little written piece. In case you wanna have more fun with it do let me know your similar experiences and stories in the comments. Or email me at! Have a nice day. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Finding Inspiration Online

Contrary to the popular belief, social networks are not a waste of time. As a matter of fact they can be the endless source of tireless inspiration and might just give you back that zest for doing what you do in real life, that you might have misplaced in the cramped familiarity of everyday boredom.

Someone online asked me to write more & here I am. I'm amazed at how the encouraging words from a stranger worked wonders, when a family member's attempts at the same, might have been viewed by me as irritable nagging. 

One of the songs I wrote titled 'You Are Not Alone' was written when someone asked me to write a song on hope & courage in really bad times. Till someone didn't ask me to do it, I was just sitting on my lazy ass doing some other shit. As soon as someone asked me to do it - I snapped into action & now that song has a whole lot of listens & got me some paid production work as well. Did you see wt just happened?!

You could have moments of inspiration that snap you into real life action too. All you need to do is ask people you respect on your Twitter or Facebook friendlist, wt they think you should be doing on a certain aspect of your life or wt would be a better option for you in their opinion regarding something that concerns you immediately. 

Another person's perspective can be insightful & might throw new light on an old problem and make you view things differently. 

The human being is a mysterious creature but maybe all that mystery can be unravelled when your thoughts meet mine. Maybe? Let's see. 

Thanks for reading this piece but if you want to have fun with it, lets talk about your opinions on the same. I would love to hear your similar experiences and get to know your side of the story as well. Im on Twitter, FB or just email me at 

Have a great day ahead of you. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Art Of Doing Nothing At All

When I look back at the last 7 odd years I realize that I have been chasing work. Just like a cat chases a ball of wool or an eagle chases its prey. Ive been reasonably successful at the things I wanted and have come a long long way from where I started then. I dont complain. I'm alright.

This is a photograph that was taken on a Church Camp at Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India in 2011. 

But that's not what this blog post is about. It's about this idea that most of us waste our youth on. The idea of slogging our asses off and living this corporate lifestyle that gets us no where, takes away all our time and leaves us feeling drained and robbed of all our precious time, that actually never comes back, unlike the money that keeps flowing in and out of our lives.

Since the time we are in schools and are children we are pushed so much by people to achieve so many goals. To earn a name and to become rich, successful and live that grand life that for whatever reasons our parents dreamt of but never lived. As a matter of fact most of the time, unknowingly we all end up being programmed to chase dreams that are originally not ours but have been forced on us, in most cases by the people we are closest to.

With every other generations, problems, situations, economy, culture and trends change. What might have been a lucrative career a decade ago wont necessarily be as paying at a different time. The internet wasn't this huge at the time when my parents were young.

So I've concluded that it's alright to stop running. It's alright to keep dreaming. It's alright to do everything that you love doing. It doesn't matter who thinks what. Its all about the moment. It's all about the present. It's all about changing the quality and texture of your life, with or without anyone's permission. The Universe takes care of it's own and if you are one with it, all your needs will be fulfilled.